St. John's United Church

Dénomination enregistrée: ST JOHNS UNITED CHURCH

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St. John's Roof Repair Appeal

Notre objectif : 35 000 $
Période restante : 1 mois, 2 semaines
La campagne se termine 11 avril 2017

200 $ amassés sur 35 000 $

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17 500 $
35 000 $

Dear Friends of St. John's United Church,

In the course of the last several years our church roof has deteriorated significantly. We have experienced leaks and are now at a point where we must undertake repairs and resurfacing promptly. This is a very essential project to help us continue the work we do at St. John's and to keep a working and loving church in our community. We are asking you to seriously and prayerfully consider a financial response to this special “Roof Repair Appeal”!

We have set $35,000 as a target for this special one-time Roof Repair Appeal!

Please spread information about our appeal through conversation and communication with friends, those who formerly participated in the life of St. John’s, interested neighbours and business people you may know.  Share this on your social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

You can direct friends right here and donate directly online through Canada

Direct friends and neighbours to the Roof Repair at St. John’s Facebook page for information

Your support, whether through your financial contributions or in prayer, for our continued ministry is always welcome.