Maasai Friends4Good - Gift of Flight

par Enterprise4Good (Formerly the Ability Society)

  • lundi, 26 septembre 2016 de 4:27 Après-midi à jeudi, 15 décembre 2016 8:00 Après-midi (HNA)

Information sur les billets

La vente de billets pour cet événement est maintenant terminée.


All funds raised will be used to support the Nashipay School in Tanzania.

Without it, the majority of these children will receive no education, leading to a life of hardship which many will not survive.

Help us preserve this amazing culture and their people and buy a ticket today. Simply guess the number of beads in the jar for

your chance to win.

Flights destinations are not limited and can be used to fly to any WestJet location.

Black out times for flight applicable.

Cottage not available in July & August.


Each ticket is equal to one guess. 1/$50 or 3/$100

A winner will be chosen on December 16th 2016 and streamed live on Facebook

In the event of a tie breaker were several people have guessed the same number that is closest to the answer we will draw their names from a hat.

Black out times for flights are applicable.

Cottage not available on July & August.

Progrès réalisés dans l’atteinte de l’objectif visé

Produit de la vente des billets

150 $

Jours pour acheter


26 septembre 2016
lundi, 26 septembre 2016 4:27 Après-midi (HAA)


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