Point Ellice House Museum & Gardens

Dénomination enregistrée: Vancouver Island Local History Society

Numéro d'entreprise: 741473714RR0001

Victoria's Historic House Museum

Imagine a house full of everything you, your siblings, your parents, and your grandparents ever owned. What could this building and these objects tell you about your family, your life, or your community?

In 1975, John and Inez O’Reilly sold their family home, Point Ellice House, to the Province of British Columbia. Taking only a few personal items, they turned the house over, complete with 108 years of family possessions: Furniture, dishes, luggage, letters, pictures, paintings, musical instruments, clothing, and a lot more.

Built in 1861, Point Ellice House is one of Victoria's oldest homes - it is both a National and Provincial Historic Site. Today, the site offers self-guided tours of the house, special events, and changing exhibits that connect the house and its occupants to the rich history of Victoria and British Columbia.

Point Ellice House Museum and Gardens is operated by the non-profit Vancouver Island Local History Society.

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