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Derek Barnes

Le Centre Local D'Alimentation Communautaire

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Continuing a tradition harkening back to the early 1600’s when Samuel de Champlain recognised that surviving the harsh, cold Canadian winter required more than just physical strength, but also a sense of shared community and high spirits. His solution to the poor health and morale of his burgeoning Nova Scotian settlement was the creation of l’Ordre de Bon Temp (the Order of Good Cheer), a group whose duty it would be to take turns hosting their families, friends, and neighbours for an uplifting night of food and revelry.

In our modern version, on Saturday, March 3rd, we’d like to encourage you to host your own unique version of Champlain’s Nuit de Bon Temp. Cook your favourite family meal. Recreate a classic dish that tells a story of your heritage or personal history. Perhaps a potluck is more your style! Invite your friends, family, and neighbours to bask in the warmth of your hospitality as we push through the last, chilly stretch of winter. Connect your party with others throughout the city and share in a truly communal eating experience by posting pictures and stories throughout the night using the hashtags #nuitdebontemp and #neighboursforchange.

We hope that your generosity of spirit will move your guests to donate what they can to the Local Community Food Centre so that our work breaking down barriers to good food for everyone in our community can continue to grow. We can feel the momentum of the Good Food Movement building both locally and across the country. This is a fun way to be a part of it whether you become a host by registering below or if you’re lucky enough to be invited to one!