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Laugh Out Loud A-Thon


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Laugh for a great cause!

This event will keep you smiling through a series of laughter activities, guided by our Laugh Leader, Christopher Lyons. The activities are simple and easy to follow so guests of all ages and abilities are invited!  Laughter benefits your physical health, your mental health and has many social benefits.

Event participants are encouraged to collect pledges from their family, friends, and co-workers in exchange for your participation and your laughter. Download your pledge form at AlzheimerWindsor.com. 

$25 registration fee to be paid on the event day. FREE registration with a minimum of $50 laughter pledges!

 Here’s what our support group clients had to say after their first laughter experience:  

“I feel energized and recharged, my whole body feels amazing.”

“I liked the ease and simplicity of the activities, it was fun!”

“I forgot how much fun it is to laugh, I need to do it more often.”

This event is sure to get you laughing your way to better health while supporting a great cause. All proceeds will benefit the Alzheimer Society of Windsor & Essex County.