Animals in Science Policy Institute

Dénomination enregistrée: Animals in Science Policy Institute Society

Numéro d'entreprise: 816591721RR0001

The Animals in Science Policy Institute is the only Canadian registered charity that works solely to achieve for better science without animals.

Our work:

1. Ending animal dissection in schools and universities - We connect teachers to the latest information and non-animal teaching methods so that they can end the use of animals for dissection, and switch to using non-animal alternatives instead. We run a guest class program, we do workshops for science teachers (as well as those in their science teacher training), and we offer a whole host of free online resources for teachers (e.g. an alternatives database, free class plans, etc.) We also provide support for students who want to opt out of dissection, and have an online advocacy toolkit that we developed in collaboration with secondary students in North Vancouver. In 2019 we are planning to translate all our resources into French, Mandarin and Punjabi to maximize the accessibility and reach of our work.

2. Education - We provide education on how to replace animals in research, testing and education, specifically, our Executive Director will be teaching a new course at the University of British Columbia (UBC) called New Approach Methods in Biomedical Sciences (ISCI 330), which will focus exclusively on non-animal methods.

3. Policy work - We engage at various levels of policy, from individual schools/universities, to school boards and teacher associations, to provincial Ministers. We also offer our expertise at the national level via membership on committees at the Canadian Council on Animal Care.

4. Research - We are continually doing research into non-animal methods for research, testing and education. We have conducted a literature review on the educational merit of non-animal teaching methods, and in 2017 we conducted a BC-wide survey of teachers and the general public to ask about their views on dissection. This research helps us plan a meaningful campaign strategy so that we can be effective in achieving the changes we are seeking.

5. Annual Awards - We give out annual Teaching and Student awards to recognize individuals who are making a direct impact to end dissection in their schools.

6. Annual Public Lectures - We host an annual public lecture to raise awareness about the use of animals in science and the need to think more critically about how, and if, we should use them.

7. Partnerships - We have strong collaborative partnerships with the following organizations: BC SPCA, BC Foundation for Non-Animal Research, Canadian Centre for Alternative to Animal Methods (CCAAM), Humane Canada (formerly the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies), Humane Education Coalition (HEC), BC's Science World.

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