Bridges Beyond

Dénomination enregistrée: Bridges Beyond International Ministries

Numéro d'entreprise: 118950377RR0001

The Bridge in Bridges Beyond began when in 2009 we began training a young man from Rwanda for 17 months. When he went back to Rwanda, his church leaders noticed a change in him and wanted to meet the people who were involved.  We were invited to Rwanda and thus began our work in that country. The church with which we work has over 3000 chapels, 2,000,000 adults, with even more children. After the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994, many pastors fled the country and after a time were replaced by men who were untrained and uneducated in leading a chapel and teaching the Word of God.  We were asked to begin training these men and women, which we have done in many areas around the country.  Everything rises or falls on leadership - good governance is critical.  Whether in government, school, business, sports, health care, church, and family, the fate of the masses rests on the leaders! The issue of  leadership training is first and foremost the issue of the leader - who we are informs what we do.

We have been given a unique opportunity to impact the church leaders at the highest level in an entire nation.  Our vision is to train and equip future and present leaders and to see those in positions of responsibility begin to serve, minister and train those under their care.

As a result of our influence, football, which has been forbidden, is now embraced and encouraged as a way to reach the youth. One of the men we continue to train is now the National leader for Ambassadors Football in Rwanda. Over 2,500 children and 75 coaches are now on organized teams in 25 areas throughout the country. Children who were not able to go to school because they couldn’t pay the school fees are now in school.

With this man’s help, along with other caring leaders, sewing machines were given to twenty women who had no other means of income. They have formed a co-op, are now self-sustaining, and are able to pay their children’s school fees.

A man who went through our training now has a contract to train local civil lelders and was told it was because of the certificate he received from us.

One women who went through the peer counselling training has said that the training has changed her life and the way she counsels is now completely different.

We have a program where funds are raised to pay for health cards for those families who would otherwise be without medical care. These health cards pay for 90% of doctors’ fees, medication, and surgery.

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