Bridges to Belonging

Dénomination enregistrée: Bridges To Belonging

Numéro d'entreprise: 771908290RR0001

Embracing Possibility ~ Enriching Enriching Lives

Our Purpose

To affirm the inherent dignity and worth of people living with disabilities and to walk with them and their loved ones to overcome isolation, live free from barriers to inclusion and experience belonging inside a network of support.

Our Vision

Communities where people of all abilities belong and are connected through meaningful relationships.

Our Mission

We engage with you to be empowered and express your gifts, together with your loved ones and build a network of support that honours your choices for the life you want in the Waterloo Region.

Our Foundation

RESPECT- experienced as kindness, consideration and regard for the rights, needs, wishes and wellbeing of others

EMPOWERMENT- experienced as autonomy through the ability to exercise choice, advocate and self-direct

GIFTS & STRENGTHS- experienced as opportunities to develop and use talents and abilities in service to one's self, others and the community

DIVERSITY- experienced as appreciation, acceptance, accommodation and inclusion of all people as valued fellow citizens

COMMUNITY- experienced as a valued contributing member within a network of supportive and meaningful relationships

BELONGING- as experienced through a sense of connection, acceptance, value, safety and being cared about

Our Focus

We Serve - Youth, adults and seniors with disabilities who self-identify as experiencing social isolation and/or barriers to social or economic inclusion; their families. relatives, caregiver, or guardians and their networks of support

We Offer

Person Directed Planning

Independent Facilitation

Community Connection

Development & Maintainance of Networks of Support

Future Planning Learning Events

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