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Radha Krishna Mandir & Cultural Centre: Nurturing mind, body, spirit for Dharma. Selfless services, preserving culture & Hinduism.

Radha Krishna Mandir & Cultural Centre Inc

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The Radha Krishna Mandir & Cultural Centre (RKMCC) traces its origins back over 40 years to a vision that emerged when young migrants arrived in the Region of Waterloo, recognizing the imperative to safeguard their cultural and spiritual beliefs. What initially took shape as a gathering at homes and then to school gymnasiums or any humble space for singing, prayers, and meditation has organically transformed into the thriving RKMCC. Since its formal public congregational worship in 1981, the Centre journey stands as a testament to an unwavering commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

Originally, the Centre focused on providing a safe haven for Hindus in the Region of Waterloo and other nearby cities by offering a sanctuary at 67 Old Mill Road, Cambridge to many communities members and students. This space aimed at preserving their cultural values, fostering well-being through yoga and meditation, and extending a welcoming space for all. However, over the years, the RKMCC's role has transcended its origins as a place of worship for the Hindu community, actively engaging with diverse groups within the community. This evolution underscores the RKMCC's commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) principles, evident in its leadership and community involvement. Serving as a beacon of diversity and inclusivity, our Centre actively engages and embraces individuals from all walks of life. As a tangible manifestation of our commitment to inclusivity, our community outreach programs extend beyond the confines of Hindu religious boundaries. We believe in embodying the principles of compassion and service in ways that positively impact lives irrespective of faith or background. Our initiatives range from providing warm meals and clothing for the homeless to offering hampers for international students. Moreover, we are dedicated to empowering our youth by imparting knowledge about vegetarianism and promoting an active lifestyle through yoga. An illustration of this commitment occurred in late August 2023 when our youths, aged 13 to 19, collaborated with the Waterloo Regional Police Services (WRPS). In just a two-week period, they contributed over 300 backpacks to WRPS, which were then distributed to children in need. Additionally, our ongoing efforts include anonymous quarterly food deliveries to the local food bank and other organizations dedicated to feeding those in need. These initiatives exemplify our unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on the broader community, transcending religious boundaries and fostering a spirit of compassion that knows no limits,




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