Foundation Camerounaise-Canadienne

Dénomination enregistrée: Cameroonian-Canadian Foundation/Fondation Camerounaise-Canadienne

Numéro d'entreprise: 830620084RR0001

Fond de construction d'ecole

Notre objectif : 20 000 $
Période restante : 2 semaines, 1 jour
La campagne se termine 6 février 2017
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20 000 $

Cameroon, Medical and Building Mission 2017

A team of five medical doctors and two volunteers is going  to the Cameroonian towns of Buea, Bota Lime and Dibanda Mutengene.

Their main objective will be to help improve healthcare by working alongside Cameroonian medical health care providers at all levels.  A latrine facility and general upgrades to a school will also be on the agenda with our volunteers working in tandem with local communities.

Please support  the first of our trips to Africa.

Our financial goal is $20,000 for medical and building supplies.

Please donate today, tax receipts available.