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To celebrate the amazing success of our Toronto Raptors we are hosting a charity basketball game to raise funds, have fun and hopefully convince Kawhi to stay another five years!

Want to play and raise?! It's super easy!

Join as an Individual: Click this button to create your own individual page.  You will be prompted to create a free donor account with CanadaHelps where your page will be hosted. If you already have a CanadaHelps account please use the same login email or you will be prompted to create a new account. When creating your page note especially these two fields:

Page Title: This will appear at the top of your fundraising page. This can be personalized for your friends and family.

Page Owner: Please enter your first and last name.

Here, edit or write your own short personal fundraising story, your fundraising goal and add images to your fundraising page. Then ask your friends and family for their support!

Create a Team: Click this button to create a Team Page and your own Individual Page as the Team's Captain. Note that as Team Captain you will have the ability to modify the team page with images and a story.  You can also invite others to join the team by setting up their own individual page so that all of their donations will be counted towards the team's fundraising total!

Join a Team:  To join an existing team, go to the “Teams” tab and select the team you wish to join.  Once you arrive at the team page, click the "Join Team" button to create your individual page.

Questions about registering or donating online?

Contact CanadaHelps at info@canadahelps.org or 1-877-755-1595.