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Our Mission

The mission statement of Christian Counselling Services is to facilitate the healing power of Christ through the provision of professional counselling services, community education, and student training.   


Christian Counselling Services is a non-profit community-based organization that has been providing professional counselling services in Saskatoon and surrounding communities for 40 years. Christian Counselling Services developed from a grass roots movement that recognized the demonstrated need for counselling services that incorporated Christian faith in the process of healing and recovery. This vision was shared by various sectors of the community (healthcare, education, business, and faith communities) who worked together to establish Christian Counselling Services.

Services are available to anyone in the community regardless of race, religious belief, gender, age or sexual orientation. Special needs of clients such as literacy challenges, language comprehension, hearing impairment and/or physical disability are assessed to ensure that these are not barriers to receiving services.

A foundational component of the services provided at Christian Counselling Services is based on a holistic perspective that considers the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual facets of human experience, as well as the larger societal and cultural influences that affect people's life experiences.

The counselling team at Christian Counselling Services consists of qualified professionals who have, at minimum, a Master's Degree in Psychology, Social Work, or Counselling. Each counsellor is registered in a professional association. While the counsellors at Christian Counselling Services are uniquely trained to provide a spiritually-integrated counselling approach, services are first and foremost client-centered. This means that a client's spiritual beliefs – or lack of – are considered by the counsellor and respected throughout the course of counselling.

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