The Great Blue Hair-off


  • dimanche, 24 février 2019 de 12:00 Après-midi à lundi, 22 avril 2019 12:00 Matin (HAP)

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Every once in a while we must remove the hair from our eyes to see what is ahead of us!

This spring, our dear friend of the Nature Centre, and former environmental educator, Jim Wisnia will be removing A LOT of hair to help us move forward with what lays ahead at the Cowichan Estuary Nature Centre. 

The 2019 Great Blue Hair-off will support our endeavors in monitoring, learning and teaching about the Great Blue Heron. Funds donated here will move us closer to installing and purchasing a monitoring camera to be located near the Cowichan Bay Heron Rookery, the largest on Vancouver island. Feed from the camera will be shared live-time and visible from around the world. Giving us a chance to come a little closer and know a little more of our neighbour and key figure of the bay. 

To take our fundraising campaign high into the sky, also calls for a need to keep our work rooted in action on the ground. And we can think of no better way then to teach the next generation of leaders. Funds donated here will also go to support youth scholarships to our annual leadership training and restoration field work. This training will provide youth with the big-picture context and inspiration to participate in restoration and conservation activities, and the tools for engaging friends, neighbors and their wider community. They will learn about the effectiveness of connecting with people around shared values, including how our stories can be used to tap into those shared values, and have opportunities to gain confidence through hands on community supported restoration work.


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24 février 2019
dimanche, 24 février 2019 12:00 Après-midi (HNP)


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