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Gift subscription of The Westcoast Reader to a Literacy Program

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This holiday season,  join us in helping others by giving the gift of literacy. It’s the gift of hope and lifelong possibilities.
Decoda Literacy Solutions has become the new home of The Westcoast Reader. This award-winning newspaper adapts news stories from The Vancouver Sun, The Province and other news sources to provide relevant reading material for people to improve their reading and literacy skills. It also provides helpful articles and general interest tips on everyday living in Canada.
Included with your donation of $35 or more to support Decoda Literacy Foundation, we will provide complimentary one-year gift subscriptions of The Westcoast Reader to a literacy program in one of 400 communities throughout B.C.  With each $35 donation a literacy program will receive a set of five one-year subscriptions starting in 2016. 
Thanks to you, literacy programs will receive a learning resource, immediately useful in daily life, to support learners of all ages and backgrounds. These include First Nations learners; new immigrants who are learning English; multicultural senior groups; elementary and school children; and adults with disabilities. 
With your permission, we would be pleased to recognize your support on our website with other individuals, companies and organizations that have generously provided a gift subscription of The Westcoast Reader in 2016.