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Assistive Equipment-Lifts

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Many of our sailors are able to get in and out of the boat with minimal assistance. However, if this is not possible, sailors can be transferred using a sling and hoist.

DSAO would like to obtain battery powered lifts at $3000 each.

A sling is placed under the person, the straps attached to a battery-powered lift which raises the person out of the wheelchair. The lift is attached to a pivoting davit which allows us to move the sailor above the seat in the boat and safely lower him or her into position. The same procedure is done in reverse for getting back into the wheelchair. This is a very safe transfer method which requires no manual lifting. We have worked through the statistics of capacity and have found that with the current loading system we are maxed out at 65% capacity, plus the current system is very heavy and restricts who can manage it, and it keeps breaking down – it’s time to retire it.

This type of lift is a newer design, compact, safe and much more comfortable for the disabled sailors. It is becoming a new standard in many disabled sailing programs. Obtaining this type of lift and three of them will increase our capacity handling, will enable DSAO to be able to offer sailing for sailors and will make the systems easier to use, more time efficient, comfortable and more accessible.

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