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Assistive Equipment - KAPE Seat

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Not all of our sailors have full use or strength of their arms or hands. Not all sailors have trunk control, where it is harder for them without all of their  abdominal muscles to keep their upper body steady and upright. Sailors with these needs can benefit from a specialized seat that looks like a racing car seat. With the support of engineering students at McGill University the KAPE Seat was designed to give lateral support for sailors that need it.

the KAPE Seat can be swapped into Martin16 sailboats quickly, and the back of the seat adjusted for the body type and sizing of the sailors with horizontal, vertical and angle adjustments. The feeling for the sailors is of more stability, they are safer and more confident. and they look like their in a racing car!

DSAO obtained one KAPE Seat in 2016 via a donation, and it has been so popular and valued that the members would be excited to get two more. Each seat is $750 each.

Can you help?

Please donate towards more confidence and stability of paraplegic and quadraplegics at DSAO.