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Dénomination enregistrée: DRYDEN REGIONAL HEALTH CENTRE

Numéro d'entreprise: 118888759RR0001

CT Scan Renewal Fund

Campagne terminée 30 août 2019

The Dryden Regional Health Centre is looking forward. Our current CT Scan is nearing the end of it's functional lifespan and we are currently planning for replacement technology. The CT is probably the most important diagnostic tool in the hospital (they're all vital); it is used for cancer diagnostics, head trauma, treatment of stroke and internal medicine.

At a cost of 1.25 million dollars the time to start raising money is now. Consider making a monthly pledge or a one time donation to the campaign; no donation is too small and 100% of your donation stays local. Your donations will impact the care of someone you know.

Contact Chuck Schmitt at 807-223-8808 to learn more about how you can help keep quality health care close to home. We acknowledge all of our donors; learn more about how we show thanks by taking a tour of the hospital.

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