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EHA Canada was established in Saskatoon, SK in 1999, as a registered Canadian Charity. We focus on India, seeking to help her poor and marginalized peoples. One of our founding members, Abraham Ninan, was also a founding member of EHA India and worked in an EHA hospital in 1971. All our Board members have served in India for varying lengths of time.
One of the reasons we seek to work in India is the sheer need in many parts of the country. The second is that we wished to continue the work of doctors and nurses from Canada and other Western nations who served faithfully and sacrificially in the past. We did not want to see their efforts go to waste. Thirdly our relationship with our partners has been most gratifying. Our skilled, efficient, and compassionate partners in India work with transparent integrity and are transforming individuals and communities.
Our activity in Canada is to promote the work of our partners in India. We do this by raising awareness and funds, fostering prayer, encouraging exchange of personnel between our two countries, co-operating in leadership development activities and facilitating short term and longer term missions to India.
We love to share our stories about India and EHA - the needs, the challenges, and the successes - and encourage others to partner with us. If you would like to someone to speak to your church, missions committee, or small group, please contact our office.
EHA Canada partners with EHA India to transform communities through caring, with primary emphasis on the poor and the marginalized.

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