Project Winter Survival

par Engage and Change

  • samedi, 21 janvier 2017 de 7:00 Matin à mardi, 21 février 2017 12:00 Après-midi (HNA)
  • 890 Caledonia Road , Toronto, ON M6B 3Y1

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For the past 17 years, Project Winter Survival and our team of volunteers & donors have assembled and distributed over 27,000 Winter Survival Kits. These kits provide warmth and essential supplies needed for the homeless and less fortunate to survive on the streets. These kits often make the difference between life and death.


Last year over 11,000 requests for these life saving kits were received from agencies that help the homeless. Our goal this year is to assemble and distribute more than 3,000 kits to over 100 front line agencies, which include, the Red Cross, Out of the Cold programs, the Salvation Army, Covenant House, local shelters, and outreach programs in the Greater Toronto Area. These agencies then distribute the kits to the most vulnerable people who are living on our streets.

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890 Caledonia Road
Toronto, ON M6B 3Y1

21 janvier 2017
samedi, 21 janvier 2017 7:00 Matin (HNA)


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