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Edmonton Public Library (EPL)

Dénomination enregistrée: THE CITY OF EDMONTON LIBRARY BOARD

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Revitalization of the MIlner Library

Campagne terminée 15 mars 2020

At the heart of all of the Edmonton Public Library’s important services and initiatives is our main branch– the Stanley A. Milner Library. 

Opening in 1967 – and renamed in 1996 in honour of library champion Stanley A. Milner for his lifetime commitment to EPL – this branch is the heart of EPL, an incubator of ideas and the showcase location for many of our most innovative services. 

The downtown library is a key part of our award-winning library system with over 1.2 million visits each year from Edmontonians of all backgrounds and with a wide variety of interests. 

For all these people and the thousands of others who use EPL every day, it is now time to transform the Stanley A. Milner into a space that better facilitates collaboration and co-learning, inspires creativity, spurs the imagination and fosters lifelong learning.

Unfortunately, the Milner Library, in its current design and structure, does not allow EPL to best serve the growing and changing needs of our customers.  For example the current building does not provide sufficient program space, quiet study space or community collaboration space – all services and spaces in growing demand.

With community support, EPL will transform the Milner Library in the next four years to better meet the growing and changing needs of Edmontonians. We will create purposeful spaces to collaborate, learn, access technology and attend events, as well as better connect to the outdoor space by Churchill Square on the north and Centennial Plaza on the south. It will be inspiring, educational, connected, inclusive and fun!

As the best library of today, EPL is continually evolving. With your support, we can be the best library of tomorrow.

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