Feet for FEAT Relay

par F.E.A.T. for Children of Incarcerated Parents

  • lundi, 18 septembre 2017 de 9:58 Après-midi à jeudi, 30 novembre 2017 12:00 Matin (HNE)
  • Queen's Park , Toronto, ON M8W2B2

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On Tuesday October 10th, on World Mental Health Day, the co-founder of Feat for children of incarcerated parents, Jessica Reid will embark on the opening marathon of our 400km walkathon from Toronto to Ottawa. We invite you to join in the opening ceremony and walk the first few kilometers with Jessica. She will walk the first 43 kilometers without shoes to show that majority of children effected by parental incarceration have no support across Canada. However, together with your support we can make a difference!


Walking to Make a Difference

  • On Tuesday, October 10, 2017 the founder of FEAT for Children, Jessica Reid will embark on a walking relay marathon from Queens Park in Toronto on World Mental Health Day at 4pm to begin the relay.
  • Jessica will walk the first 43-kilometers with no shoes to show that the majority of children affected by parental incarceration have no support across Canada.
  • Teams will continue the relay which will arrive at Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Friday, October 20,
  • The goal is to increase the awareness of children affected by parental incarceration in Canada and raise funds to purchase our new bus outright.
  • To increase the magnitude of impact, members of the community, professionals, social service clubs, and corporations have been invited to register teams to take the mile challenge in support of the innocent children left behind.


The Need 

  • Each year, over 375 000 children in Canada are affected by parental incarceration
  • Despite the growing number of children affected by parental incarceration, the resources available for these forgotten children are nearly non-existent. Without support, children of incarcerated parents have an elevated risk of suffering from mental health issues, dropping out of school and becoming in conflict with the law.
  • Fostering, Empowering, Advocating, Together, (FEAT) for Children is the only organization in Canada developed to provide supportive programming tailored to the unique needs of children affected by parental incarceration. Currently, FEAT supports over 500 families in Ontario through the provision of vital programming.


FEAT’s Bus – A Vital Component to Supporting our Kids

  • FEAT’s bus is integral to supporting children and youth through our After School Program, Peer Mentorship Project and Empowerment Retreats.
  • Every weekend, our bus travels with children and their caregivers from Toronto to Federal and Provincial correctional institutions in Southern Ontario to enable family visits.
  • To operate the bus, we rely on our sponsors and donations to provide free transportation for the children we support.

To learn more about Feet for FEAT, how to register a team, take the mile challenge or become a sponsor, please contact Jessica Reid by phone @647-627-1171 or via email at jreid@featforchildren.org

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Queen's Park
Toronto, ON M8W2B2

18 septembre 2017
lundi, 18 septembre 2017 9:58 Après-midi (HAE)


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