Valentine's Virtual Food Drive

par Greater Vancouver Food Bank

  • mercredi, 01 février 2017 de 12:00 Matin à mardi, 14 février 2017 11:59 Après-midi (HNP)

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Give Love.  Care for those in our community who struggle.  The GVFB helps 26,500 people each week through 13 distribution locations and partnerships with close to 100 community agencies.

Give Food.  Fresh, nutritious food makes everyone feel good! The GVFB distributes 4.1 million pounds of food each year.

Give Now.  For every $1 you donate we can purchase $3 of good, healthy food.  Now that’s sweet! 


Q: What's more fun than a giant box of chocolates or a big bouquet of flowers, and better for you?

A: Support a GVFB Valentine's Virtual Food Drive!

From February 1st to 14th, we're having our 2nd annual Valentine's Virtual Food Drive. We are encouraging corporate as well as individual participants to challenge each other and help raise funds for us. Shop online for healthy fresh food for the GVFB. One time donations can also be made directly to the GVFB Valentine's VFD too.

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1 février 2017
mercredi, 1 février 2017 12:00 Matin (HNP)


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À propos de cet organisme

The GVFB provides assistance to over 26,500 people weekly, 20% of our members are children, 19% are seniors. The needs of this community are met through multiple distribution locations, community kitchens, training workshops and partnerships with close to 100 community agencies located in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and North Vancouver. To this end the GVFB receives, purchases and distributes approximately 4.1 million pounds of food each year. Because of this size, scale and our unique position in the local food system, the GVFB has significantly greater buying power than can be achieved at the grocery store and can purchase as much as $3 worth of food for every $1 donated, maximizing the impact of our donor’s generous contributions.