l’Église Unie Grosvenor Park

Dénomination enregistrée: GROSVENOR PARK UNITED CHURCH

Numéro d'entreprise: 118948298RR0001

Grosvenor Park United is an affirming congregation.

Everyone is welcome on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. whatever your:

  • gender, gender identity or sexual orientation;
  • abilities and challenges;
  • personal and private history;
  • age, race, language or country of origin;
  • marital status or family type;
  • faith or political preference;
  • education, income, employment status or living situation.

Our Mission: Growing in Christian faith • Promoting justice • Reaching out to all

We appreciate your donation very much. Using the dropdown menu (at the very bottom), you may choose to direct your funds to one of four categories:

1) our general operations and many ministries;

2) as a *memorial gift;

3) as a contribution to the Mission & Service Fund of The United Church of Canada;

4) or to **Kids of Note & The Notations.

*To make a memorial donation, please leave the name of the person you want to memorialize in the message window below, along with your wishes regarding how your gift is to be used, should you have anything particular in mind. Memorial donations do not go into our general account, but are set aside to be used for very special projects as identified by our Church Council. Please know that we would welcome a phone call at (306) 374-7766 (the church office) should you prefer to share this information in person. 

**Through our Outreach Committee, since 2005 Grosvenor Park United Church has supported the Saskatoon community choirs known as Kids of Note & The Notations. The church provides our facilities for free, as well as bookkeeping assistance and moral support. 

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