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Habitat Acquisition Trust

Dénomination enregistrée: HABITAT ACQUISITION TRUST

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Calling all Habitat Guardians!

Campagne terminée 31 juillet 2018

What if you could play an important role in protecting natural areas for our native wildlife? Well, it is possible – with your help. Habitat Acquisition Trust is now seeking to rally support from community members to raise $10,000 for its local Land Protection Program by July 31, 2018. This year’s Habitat Guardians Campaign will ensure the permanent protection of ecologically significant lands adjacent to the Gowlland Tod and Goldstream Provincial Parks, and support the ongoing stewardship of protected lands on south Vancouver Island.

The area in need of protecting features a second-growth Douglas-fir forest, inundated by rocky outcrops – suitable habitat for both the endangered Western Screech-Owl and Sharp-tailed snake. Protecting this property with a conservation covenant would also mean forging a permanent corridor for wildlife travelling between Gowlland Tod and Thetis Lake Parks.

Protecting habitat for future generations is so important in this rapidly developing landscape, and it requires a community of passionate Habitat Guardians to protect it. HAT encourages readers to heed the call of the wild and keep these special places alive with nature forever by starting a conversation about land protection, and being a guardian for wildlife habitat with a donation to HAT. Without the funds for legal protection and stewardship, these sensitive lands may end up clear-cut, subdivided, or paved-over and lost. That’s where the donations of Habitat Guardians makes a huge difference.

By becoming a Habitat Guardian you will:

- Receive customizable recognition at events hosted on that property for one year- Enable data collection and field surveys on these properties to better understand and plan for their restoration needs- Provide for HAT's land protection team to conduct yearly monitoring to identify and respond to any threats to these natural landscapes 

Our goal is to raise $10, 000 by July 31, 2018 by developing long-term sponsorships. To meet this goal, we are looking to secure sponsorships from Habitat Guardians starting at $1,000 in 2018.

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