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par Heart Transplant Home Society

  • mercredi, 01 novembre 2017 de 12:00 Matin à mardi, 28 novembre 2017 11:59 Après-midi (HNP)

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Help the Heart Transplant Home Society and Give It Up November 1-28. 

Could you go without something you love for four weeks? The money you don't spend, you donate to HTHS.

All money raised goes toward providing two homes for those in BC who need to temporarily relocate to Vancouver to receive a life-saving heart transplant. The security of these homes alleviates the stress of finding affordable housing at an already very difficult time.

So go ahead, Give It Up and help out!



November 1-28, 2017

It’s easy to Give It Up for the Heart Transplant Home Society!

Register for Give It Up (through the free "ticket purchase" process)

Decide what you are going to give up. It can be wine, chocolate, eating out, that daily coffee, driving to work, using social media. The choices are endless and you get to choose. You can even take your loose change at the end of each day and put it in a jar to donate.

Donate the money you would normally spend on that item or task to the Heart Transplant Home Society (HTHS). You can donate daily, weekly, or give it all at once.

You can also recruit friends, family and your colleagues at work and create a Give It Up team, or ask them to sponsor your action.

Can’t actually give it up? Just donate the same amount of money you spend on that item or task over four weeks and donate it to HTHS.

Register now, and start planning your strategy to Give It Up November 1-28, 2017.

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mercredi, 1 novembre 2017 12:00 Matin (HAP)


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The Heart Transplant Home Society (HTHS) offers affordable accommodation to heart transplant patients and their loved one(s) in two homes near St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver. We have housed over 185 recipients to date and hope to open a third home to accommodate more families. HTHS is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. We rely on the financial generosity of members and donors, and 97% of every dollar raised goes towards operating our existing homes, directly supporting heart transplant patients and their caregivers. We help alleviate the stress of finding affordable housing whilst undergoing heart transplant treatment in Vancouver, BC. For more information on the Heart Transplant Home Society, visit .