Help 2 Overcome

Dénomination enregistrée: Help 2 Overcome Society

Numéro d'entreprise: 837620996RR0001

Help 2 Overcome is a Canadian-based, registered charity that is committed to providing water and sanitation to schools in Sierra Leone. Unsafe water, inadequate sanitation and lack of hygiene affects the health, safety, and quality of life of children. In Sierra Leone, 52% of primary school pupils have no access to toilets in schools, while the 48% who do, are compelled to share latrines. Clean and safe toilets are prerequisites for health, dignity, safety and education It's quite simple, toilets help keep pupils in school. Without clean, safe sanitation facilities, children get sick and miss school. Girls often drop out completely when they reach puberty. We are building toilets to help save children's lives, keep them clean and keep them in school.

H2O works with schools in Freetown, Sierra Leone helping them to set up and manage practical and sustainable sanitation and hygiene facilities. We work with individual schools together with teachers, community leaders and government to determine their specific needs. Our sanitation blocks are specifically designed to cater to the children's needs. In particular we pay attention to “girl friendly” schools, with clean toilets (with doors) and water for washing hands.  Each school has different needs based upon numbers, ratio of boys to girls and access to city plumbing. We invest the money we raise into solving these problems. 

We also educate the children and teachers about the importance of hand washing and personal hygene.

By creating "Toilet Committees" we ensure that the toilets are maintained and looked after on an ongoing basis.

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