Suzanne West's 8th Annual Steps to End Homelessness Charity Event


  • mardi, 25 avril 2017 de 8:00 Matin à 4:00 Après-midi (HAR)
  • Crescent Road stairs McHugh Bluff Park, Calgary, AB T2N1E2

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For the past seven years, Suzanne West, President and CEO of Imaginea Energy, has celebrated her birthday by running the Crescent Heights stairs with a few hundred friends in support of Inn from the Cold. Suzanne donates $1 to Inn from the Cold for every set of stairs completed, $2 for pregnant women and $2 for seniors. 

Register here ( or on-site at the event. Please note pre-registration is not required.


Date:  Tuesday April 25th, 2017

Where: the bottom of the Crescent Road stairs

When: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


Frequently asked questions:

You do not have to run the stairs, just a steady walk is all that is required – if you can’t do stairs, there is a sloping hill you can do that I count as “1” as well. Really... there isn’t any good excuses for not trying something!

One Set – is all the way up and all the way down

No – you don’t have to pay any money... I do! (you pay with pain!)

Yes – bring as many people as you can – make me pay!

Yes – you can donate in order to avoid the pain! Go to the website below, and mark in the comments section "Steps to End Homelessness" so we can keep a tally.

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Crescent Road stairs
McHugh Bluff Park, Calgary, AB T2N1E2

25 avril 2017
mardi, 25 avril 2017 8:00 Matin (HAR)


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Inn from the Cold offers shelter, sanctuary and healing to assist homeless children and their families achieve independence.