Ma'wa'chi'hi'to'tan - Journeying in a Good Way

par Inner City Youth Alive Inc.

  • vendredi, 20 avril 2018 de 9:00 Matin à samedi, 21 avril 2018 9:00 Après-midi (HAA)
  • Jubilee Place 173 Talbot Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2L 0P6

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Have You Wondered? • Can a person be both fully Indigenous and fully Christian? What does that look like?• How can a non-Indigenous person mentor an Indigenous person?• What does Indigenous leadership look like?• What di?erence does it make that Jesus was a tribal boy raised under colonization?• Why are Indigenous peoples marginalized in similar ways across the globe?• Are there legitimate boundaries in contextualization? If so, who sets those boundaries?• Is the Indigenous drum, smudging, or other traditional practices demonic?• Why can't "they" get over it? • How can Christian ministries present Jesus in a good or better way?

Purpose:This gathering is an opportunity to journey together with Indigenous leaders who have faced these and other questions. They will o?er their perspectives on walking the Jesus Way while being both Indigenous and Christian.

If you are Indigenous or if you work with Indigenous people, this gathering is for you. Let’s learn how to Journey together in a Good Way!


Plenary Speakers: • Ray Aldred (Cree), Session 1 - Privilege and Exclusion: How We Got Here• Terry LeBlanc (Mi'kmaq Acadian), Session 2 - Culture, the Gospel, and Worship - the Real Questions• Cheryl Bear (Nadleh Whut'en), Session 3 - Indigenous Values and Teachings*Cheryl will be doing a concert on Friday evening!

Workshop Presenters: • Howard Jolly (James Bay Cree) - The Impact and Experience of Residential SchoolHoward’s residential school experience didn’t seem to impact him negatively, until he assessed the e?ects on his adult life and identity.• Wendy Peterson (Red River Métis) - Contextualization: How Christianity Translates into CulturesIs contextualization dangerous or is it necessary?  Should Christianity look different in different cultures?  How have European/Western Christians contextualized the gospel?  Can the Jesus Way take shape in a uniquely Indigenous way?• Ray Aldred (Cree) - Mentoring and Role Modeling Leadership while Respecting Indigenous Peoples  Globally, the Western church has done poorly at raising Indigenous leaders who develop culturally appropriate church and ministry structures. Why?


Friday, April 20, 9am - 9pm• Plenary Session 1• Small Group Reflection• Workshops• Lunch (provided)• Blanket Exercise• Small Group Reflection• Workshops• Supper (provided)• Concert & Storytelling

Saturday, April 21, 9am - 8pm• Plenary Session 2• Small Group Reflection• Workshops• Lunch (provided)• Plenary Session 3• Panel Discussion• Supper Feast (provided)• Conference Closing

Cost:$50 General Admission$15 Food Voucher (2 lunches & 2 suppers)Reduced rate available upon request

Questions about Registration?Phone: (204) 582-8779 ext: 216 (Kristin)Email:

Sponsors and Partners:Indigenous Pathways is working with local sponsors and partners to host this event.

Sponsor:Inner City Youth Alive

Partners:North End Family CentreFirst Nations Community ChurchWinnipeg Centre Vineyard

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Jubilee Place
173 Talbot Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2L 0P6

20 avril 2018
vendredi, 20 avril 2018 9:00 Matin (HAA)


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