LOFT Community Services and Luke’s Underground Supper Table Exclusive Dining Experience


  • jeudi, 28 avril 2016 de 9:00 Matin à 2:00 Après-midi (HAE)
  • Kensington Market area Secret Location TBA 2 days prior, Toronto, ON M5T 2K2

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Together LOFT Community Services (LOFT) in collaboration with Luke’s Underground Supper Table (L.U.S.T.) will host an extraordinary culinary dining experience made possible by FundSet, an organization connecting charities and local businesses to fund and raise awareness for social issues. An exclusive themed menu has been crafted by Luke Hayes-Alexander, a chef prodigy who became an executive chef and owner at age 15. Come enjoy a night of intriguing company, inspiring conversations, and indulging cuisine.


Early Bird admission is $50 with charitable tax receipt of $25 (Until Friday, April 29).

Regular admission is $60 with charitable tax receipt of $35.

Ticket sales close on Friday, May 6.

For questions, contact Ada Sim at or Amy Tran at

About L.U.S.T: Chef Luke Hayes-Alexander and his mother, Carrie, are the creative master minds behind Luke’s Underground Supper Table, a successfully unique themed dining experience in a secret Kensington Market venue. Relocating to Toronto in 2014 from his family’s restaurant in Kingston, Ontario, Chef Luke is bringing local ingredients to the table in an affordable manner. For more information:

About FundSet: FundSet is growing communities by connecting Social Leaders who support charities to local Businesses in order to facilitate group experiences with a charitable twist. Using everyday activities, we foster philanthropic giving, one gathering at a time. For more information:


Early Bird admission price is $50 with charitable tax receipt of $25 (Until Friday, April 29th).

Regular admission price is $60 with charitable tax receipt of $35.

Ticket sales close on Friday, May 6th.

Dinner Menu:

Sexy Noodles with Lemongrass-Kaffir Broth, Scallions, Mint and Chilli

Crispy Pressed Pork with Rasam Sauce, Rice, and Various Garnishes

Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream with Warm Mandarin Cake

Vegetarian option available. Beverages are not included; all guests are encouraged to BYOB. 

Location and Time: Dinner begins at 7pm sharp in a secret location within the Kensington area, Toronto. Exact address will be provided via email to all attendees 2 days prior to the event date.

Guests hereby consent to and authorize the use and reproduction of all photography and/or videography that has been taken for this event. Outside solicitation/distribution is prohibited. Tickets are non-refundable.

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Kensington Market area
Secret Location TBA 2 days prior, Toronto, ON M5T 2K2

28 avril 2016
jeudi, 28 avril 2016 9:00 Matin (HAE)


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Since 1953, LOFT Community Services has offered specialized programs, unwavering support, and hope to reach over 4,600 youth, adults, and seniors annually who suffer from mental health issues, addiction challenges, physical health concerns, and homelessness or the imminent risk of homelessness in Toronto, York Region, and South Simcoe. For more info: