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EMERGENCY MOTIONS TOOLKIT is a resource manual for advocates and front-line workers supporting women who have been subjected to abuse, and their children, through the family law process.

Manual will be provided electronically in PDF format to the email address provided.



THE EMERGENCY MOTIONS TOOLKIT  provides clear information for advocates and front-line workers assisting woman abuse survivors about how to create effective Emergency Motions for a variety of different situations.

A properly executed Emergency Motion can be a critical step towards ensuring the safety of women who have experienced abuse and their child(ren). This toolkit was drafted because many women who have experienced violence find themselves ill-prepared for this process. They often lack information and support. As women often apply to the Family Court at a time of crisis, it is not unusual for many to be overwhelmed by the number of forms and the amount of information required.

This package and the accompanying training are intended for support workers who work through the family law system with women who have been subjected to abuse. Through this training you will:

• learn how to identify when or if an Emergency Motion is appropriate,

• become familiar with the required forms and how to fill them out,

• know what information is required to support the Emergency Motion, and

• understand the steps in this process and how to prepare women for it.Cautions

This package is not intended to be given directly to a woman who has been subjected to abuse, nor should it be used without first participating in the accompanying training.

This toolkit provides information on legal and related matters, but it is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone wishing to file an Emergency Motion should first obtain legal advice in the context of her particular circumstances. Free legal advice can be obtained at Family Law Information Centres throughout Ontario, as well as with a Family Violence Consultation Certificate from Legal Aid Ontario, which allows a woman to receive a free consultation (with a lawyer who accepts these certificates) to a maximum of two hours.

Prior to beginning work on an Emergency Motion with a woman, the support worker should ensure that she receives the safety plan and emergency numbers provided in this package. She should also sign a waiver, such as the one contained in this package, and/or another such waiver as deemed appropriate by your agency.

More information on Luke's Place training on emergency motions for advocates and front-line workers is available here.

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