Clean Water for Life


  • mercredi, 05 avril 2017 de 5:32 Après-midi à dimanche, 31 décembre 2017 11:59 Après-midi (HNR)

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Access to safe water is one of the best ways of improving health. According to the UN Sustainable Goals Goal 6 report, 200,000 children die each year in India due to severe diarrhea, that's nearly a quarter of the population of Edmonton, Alberta! This figure does not include how many adults die from the same cause. The main culprit is unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation. Having consistent access to clean water not only improves health, but also the economic livelihood of those affected.

Mission of Mercy's BioSand filter is a simple, efficient and appropriate technology that helps address this issue of unsafe drinking water. Made entirely in India this carefully constructed concrete canister is packed with layers of clean sand and gravel which becomes a natural water filtration system. Dirty water seeping through the layers is quickly sanitized of any deadly bacteria. The water that ends up pouring through the tap is 98% pure and safe for consumption.

Our goal for 2017 is to raise $125,000 to provide 1200 families with their own life saving BioSand Filter. The cost of one filter is only $125. Imagine that. $125 is all it takes to provide one family the life giving gift of clean water.


2017 Clean Water for Life Challenge

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5 avril 2017
mercredi, 5 avril 2017 5:32 Après-midi (HAR)


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Mission of Mercy Canada has a goal to provide 1200 families in India with a BioSand filter for clean water for life. Help us reach India on child at a time!