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.5 Run, Walk or Roll for MITO

MitoCanada Fondation

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The fun run for everyone!

This year, TeamMITO will be having our first ever .5km Run, Walk or Roll for MITO on September 22nd.

The event will take place at South Glenmore Park at 12pm. This is a family friendly event and will feature the 0.5km run, walk or roll, energy boosting food and drinks, prizes, awards, and much more! 

Every donation makes an impact – and by donating, you are helping us raise mitochondrial disease awareness, providing knowledge and support to patients, families and caregivers, as well as funding transformational research initiatives. For now, there is no cure. But your donations today will bring us one step closer to a cure tomorrow.

“Mitochondria are tiny structures inside almost every cell in the body. Their main job, is to use food and oxygen to make energy. When the mitochondria fail, less and less energy is converted within the cell. Depending on where the affected cells are, parts of the body may not work properly and many health problems can result. There is currently no cure for mitochondrial disease.” (mitocanada.org)

For more information on mitochondrial disease and the MitoCanada Foundation, please go to our website: mitocanada.org

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Contact CanadaHelps at info@canadahelps.org or 1-877-755-1595