Sea Songs & Shanties - La Nef - Bridgetown

par Musique Royale

  • mardi, 18 septembre 2018 de 7:30 Après-midi à 9:30 Après-midi (HAA)
  • Dawn Oman Art Gallery 298 Granville Street, Bridgetown , NS B0S 1C0

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Musique Royale proudly presents La Nef as they take Nova Scotia audiences a deep dive into music of the Maritimes: capstand shanties, halyard shanties, laments, forecastle songs, short haul shanties, hear the rich songs and music that accompany work and play. Inspired by this tradition of maritime music, Seán Dagher, the troupe’s musical director, has arranged these songs to display all the warmth and depth they deserve.


Founded in 1991, La Nef is a company dedicated to the creation and production of early and contemporary music, producing concerts and recitals of early and traditional music that are based on historical and literary themes.  In Sea Songs and Shanties, many of the tunes showcased are arrangements from a collection of Stan Hugill, a sailor and a shantyman, whose preservation of these old songs is a testament of a sailors’ need of rhythmic shanties to unite mens labors and lift their spirits, as they endured backbreaking tasks before machines eventually replaced such physical labours.

The men have banded together from rich and colorful musical backgrounds creating a chorus of seven male voices.  Feel the wind on your face and smell the salty air, enter one of the six historic Summer Tour venues and be immersed in the music of England, Scotland, Ireland, the Americas, and the Caribbean with La Nef!

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Dawn Oman Art Gallery
298 Granville Street, Bridgetown , NS B0S 1C0

18 septembre 2018
mardi, 18 septembre 2018 7:30 Après-midi (HAA)


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