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  • lundi, 19 février 2018 de 6:33 Après-midi à lundi, 31 décembre 2018 11:59 Après-midi (HNC)

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Across the world every year there is increased awareness and recognition of the "Common Disorder" which is so "Rarely" heard of. Together we are part of this slow growth of recognition of NEUROFIBROMATOSIS aka NF and although we still have a long way to go there has been incredible progress!

By renewing your membership or becoming a new member of Neurofibromatosis Ontario you will be part of a team of caring and amazing people who give this genetic disorder a strong voice. The larger the membership the louder our voice.

The louder our voice, the more powerful we are as we advocate on behalf of everyone affected by NF; to health professionals, the public, media, government and other public and private agencies who are interested in funding programs for Neurofibromatosis.

Canada desperately needs evidence based standard of care for children and adults diagnosed with NF so that Family Physicians, Health Specialists, Health clinics and Hospital Emergency Departments can recognize the disorder early and refer, consult, monitor and treat NF complications effectively.


By renewing your membership or becoming a new member of Neurofibromatosis Ontario:

1)You will be able to vote on member driven charity decisions.

2)You will qualify to be elected as a Board Director.

3)Login to web streamed NF Ontario Meetings if unable to attend in person. We have plans for Guest Speakers based on NF Community input and interest. NFON is now able to broadcast future Meetings online!

4)Be included in Charity surveys which help Board Directors make decisions on your behalf which are current.

5)List yourself as a member of NFON on a resume, educational or job application. Community and Charity Memberships as well as volunteer activities are considered an asset when successful candidates are chosen by organizations and educational institutions.

6)Have access to social events at a discounted rate.

$10 Membership Fee                                                                                             (Per CRA rules memberships fees do not qualify for a tax receipt)

Membership can be paid via Canadahelps by clicking HERE which accepts most credit cards and offers Paypal option for Payment

You may also mail a cheque (no cash) to:

Neurofibromatosis Ontario

PO Box 91119 Bayview Village

Willowdale, Ontario

M2K 2Y6

For further information please refer to the Neurofibromatosis Ontario Website

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19 février 2018
lundi, 19 février 2018 6:33 Après-midi (HNC)


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Neurofibromatosis Ontario
PO Box 91119 Bayview Village
Willowdale , ON
M2K 2Y6

À propos de cet organisme

The Neurofibromatosis (NF) Society of Ontario (NF Ontario/NFON) is made up of volunteers. Our Mission is to provide support, information and assistance to families challenged by NF, work closely with clinical and research professionals who specialize in the treatment of NF, help fund research and provide information about Neurofibromatosis to physicians and the public to familiarize them with the disorder for early recognition and diagnosis. Although not everyone is seriously affected by medical problems associated with NF, monitoring for the known complications which can occur is an important part of routine healthcare for individuals diagnosed with the disorder.