51 Division Slim Down Challenge


  • mercredi, 30 mai 2018 de 7:35 Matin à lundi, 03 septembre 2018 12:00 Après-midi (HAA)

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“51 Division Slim down Challenge” is part one of what will be a four month program and partnership.  Competitors will weigh in every week until the completion of their four month challenge. Awards will be presented to winning individual achievement.  All proceeds will support New Visions Toronto.



 Interested members will arrive during the weigh in hours posted at 51 Division. No appointment is necessary, as this is a voluntary program.  Please wear loose clothing for accurate weight numbers.  If you have any questions, please contact Brian W. Maslowski

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30 mai 2018
mercredi, 30 mai 2018 7:35 Matin (HAA)


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Brian W. Maslowski
51 Parliament St
Toronto , ON
M5A 2Y5

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New Visions Toronto (NVT) is a non-profit charitable organization that provides housing, care and support for more than 50 children, adolescents and adults with complex developmental and physical disabilities