Nokee Kwe

Dénomination enregistrée: NOKEE KWE

Numéro d'entreprise: 119058410RR0001

Nokee Kwe is a charitable, not-for-profit organization that delivers Employment, Training, Literacy and Transitional Services to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal adults and youth in the greater London area. Our mandate is to serve individuals experiencing unemployment, underemployment, employment maintenance challenges, or difficulties with career and life transitions. The suite of services offered has been designed to efficiently and effectively assist clients to identify and document their skills and career targets as well as set measurable goals which are both appropriate and attainable. The growth of the organization, to some extent, can be attributed to the staff’s ability to assess, motivate, guide, direct and support their clients throughout the assessment and learning cycle. A culturally sensitive, client-centered and holistic approach to client/staff interaction focuses on identifying and assisting to implement solutions to employment barriers.

Our Career Directions program serves job seekers through: personalized vocational assessments; career planning; labour market research; resume, cover letter and interview preparation; workshops to support job search and employability; access to employers; apprenticeship support; and Second Career application support. Employers are supported through: pre-screened candidates; job placements; access to apprenticeship incentives; and access to government training allowances.

Our Native Education Centre supports adult learners through: personalized educational assessments and training plans; the Literacy and Basic Skills Program; GED preparation and exam assistance; high school credits (OSSD); assistance with Aboriginal post-secondary educational planning and funding; and culturally relevant Aboriginal programming and cultural activities.

+Positive Voice is an innovative, award-winning program that supports the development of +positive narratives and +positive community connections by urban Indigenous women, 18 years and older,  who are experiencing a transition to employment or education.

Program participants learn more about social and digital media, photography and writing positive narratives through hands-on experience and through interacting with guest speakers and artists. In addition, we hosted government representatives from the city, provincial and national levels.The content created by our participants is shared through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The entire process is participant driven and overseen by an advisory committee of Aboriginal women and community practitioners.

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