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Ondo Foundations Canada International

Dénomination enregistrée: Ondo Foundations Canada International

Numéro d'entreprise: 818807000RR0001


Campagne terminée 31 août 2018
Ondo Foundations Canada International (OFCI) is a registered Charity organization in Canada. We believe in helping the less privileged students become financially better off, both now and in the future. We understand the burden that financial stress can have on the less privileged students from poor parent or orphanage. That’s why OFCI wants to help make student life a little easier. OFCI Champion Scholarship is available to deserving less privileged students. Purpose:For the purposes of this Scholarship is based on academic performances and the less privileged students with financial challenges to pay their tuition fees and other education costs. The less privileged student is defined as “an individual who has a financial challenge to pay school fees and other education support with the singular objective of studying”.The targeted audiences are the less privileged secondary school students in Ondo city, Nigeria. We are budgeting $10,000 to help at least 50 students that fall in this category by supporting their tuition fees and other education needs. The selected students will be based on their academics performance and inability to pay school fees due to poor parents and orphanage.The Scholarship will be awarded to the students as soon as we have the fund.YOUR DONATIONS OF ANY AMOUNT WILL BE HIGHLY APPRECIATED.BE PART OF A GOOD CAUSE TO IMPACT THE LIFE OF THE LESS PRIVILEGED STUDENTS.Thanks for your support.
Nelson Oluwole Akinkugbe -OFCI President

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