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The Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB) is the provincial representative for food banks in Ontario. We are a network of 120 food banks that support over 1,100 hunger relief programs and agencies across the province.Together we serve over 375,000 individuals, including 131,000 children, every month.

Since our inception in 1992, we have been committed to reducing hunger in Ontario through sustainable solutions that ensure the long-term health and success of communities across the province.

VISION: A hunger-free Ontario

MISSION: Nurturing communities by providing food, resources, and support to reduce hunger.


Food Acquisition Improve our ability to acquire a greater volume of high quality food.

Partner Engagement Engage all Ontarians and members as partners to support our work to reduce hunger.

Capacity-Building Build capacity at member food banks on communications, operations, fundraising and poverty reduction.

Public Education and Advocacy Tell the story of those we serve and advocate for public policy change.

Organizational Development Develop the human capital of the OAFB to improve our ability to achieve our vision.


Member-DrivenWe are a network of 120 member food banks. We must be driven by their needs and interests from the grassroots to ensure we are able to meet our vision and mission.

IntegrityWe should be an accountable and transparent organization, meeting the highest standards of integrity in our finances, partnerships, communications and all activities.

JusticeWe have a strong focus on doing what’s right for our members and the neighbours they serve across the province.

ImpactWe strive to ensure that our work has a positive social, environmental and economic impact.

ConsistencyWe strive to ensure consistency in our partnerships, our public image, and our communications.

InnovationWe strive to be innovative through creative programs and solutions to reduce hunger in Ontario.

CollaborationWe work collaboratively with our members, partners, and government to achieve our vision.

Dignity and RespectWe strive to maintain dignity and respect amongst our clients, partners, donors, team members, and Board of Directors.

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