May 10, 2020

Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation

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Young people are looking to us, their elders, to do something about the climate crisis before it’s too late. But we’d better get going.

Scientists are united: We’re producing way too much CO2. There’s no longer any doubt: Climate change is an environmental calamity. Our generation is responsible for much of the carnage that got us here. It’s time for us to become part of the solution.

Enter the GrandTrees Walk. Grandparents raising money to plant trees for the benefit of future generations. Grandparents walking for and with their grandchildren in Toronto at Evergreen Brick Works on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 10th, 2020.

The GrandTrees goal: To raise $1 million for local tree planting. It’s an idea that could spread throughout Canada – and around the world.

Scientists agree that creating healthy ecosystems of trees, plants and shrubs is an effective and efficient way to sequester CO2. Trees also provide countless benefits to communities including cleaner air, storm water absorption, cooling effects and precious habitat for local birds and wildlife. Studies show that kids are mentally and physically healthier if there are more trees in their community.

Let’s walk together on Mother’s Day along with John Tory and thousands of concerned grandparents, friends and loved ones. Whether you walk 10 yards or 10K, it’s a step in the right direction.