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Nouveau Camion 2018

La campagne se termine 31 décembre 2018

We need your help urgently!! The Truck we used to haul the Mobile Chapel has been retired after 10 years of faithful service!

We have spent many years traveling across Canada ministering to men and women in the Trucking Industry. During this time, the truck has been the backbone of our ministry, hauling people, equipment, supplies and trailers across many, many kilometers of road! This Truck has been a blessing to us and allowed us to bless others!

Reverend Don has recently completed the 2018 Fall Joshua Journey. Because God's call to serve the men and women in Trucking is so important, we were able to secure a rental vehicle for this trip. God is so good!

We are now extending a personal invitation to you to join us in continuing our mission. Your donation will go towards the $64,000.00 for the New Truck. Please donate today; the need is urgent. You can participate in this very important and unique ministry by donating here on CanadaHelps, on our web site, or our Facebook page. We cannot do this without your participation.

Thank you for partnering with us by your faithful prayers and/or financial gifts. The power and effectiveness of the Lord’s work is the result of your strong commitment in the presentation of the gospel to men and women in the world of trucking. Blessings!

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