Pakistan Fund of Canada

Dénomination enregistrée: Pakistan Fund of Canada

Numéro d'entreprise: 872972807RR0001

Our Mission

The mission of the Pakistan Human Development Fund of Canada is to provide assistance to poor families in Pakistan in the areas of education, health and family planning.


Our charity provides scholarships to children of very poor families to attend the school of their choice. Although some of the scholarship is used for books, uniforms and shoes, the family also uses it for food. The scholarship is tied to the practice of family planning. Counselors meet monthly with each scholarship recipient and their mother to disperse the monthly stipend (now 1500Rs (approx. $25Cdn)). The counselors monitor each child’s success and encourage them in their studies. They also provide the mothers with information about basic hygiene and guidance on the prevention and treatment of water born illnesses such as diarrhea that cause the death of many young Pakistani children. Information about centres of family planning is also provided. Important medical assistance that the family cannot afford is also financed. For more information see our website:

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