Parents Against Drugs

Dénomination enregistrée: Parents Against Drugs

Numéro d'entreprise: 886561638RR0001

Our Mission

By providing information and inspiration through parents, schools and other influencers, our mission is to connect with kids in ways that will persuade them not use drugs.

About Parents Against Drugs

Parents Against Drugs is a non-profit charitable organization that unites parents, schools, peers, community and addiction experts in a collaborative effort to reach our children with vital messages that will empower them to say no to drugs.

Our programs are unique in that we focus mainly on the causal (emotional) issues that often lead kids to try drugs. And who better to address those issues than people who have actually been there – recovered drug addicts themselves.

Our programs focus on applying this unique expertise on two main fronts:

1. Motivating parents to speak effectively to their children about drugs and assisting them in preventing, recognizing, and dealing with substance abuse issues,

2. Through schools, community partners and events, deliver unique and vibrant anti-drug campaigns that empower youth populations.

This two pronged approach is designed to interrelate, creating multi-dimensional influences that connect with kids and reinforce key messages.

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