Plugged In Community Centre - Mini Conference: Shaping Conversations for New Possibilities

par Plugged In Community Centre

  • mardi, 06 novembre 2018 de 6:30 Après-midi à 9:30 Après-midi (HNA)
  • Leo Nickerson Elementary School 10 Sycamore Ave, St. Albert, AB T8N 0K3

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Plugged In Community Centre Organization, Host

We have only scratched the surface of inclusion, it is time to really discover how inclusive we really are? As part of our new initiative Community Conversations, we have taken on community service through education of our community!  

We are looking at our Mini-Conference as the opportunity to deepen the understanding of Inclusion as more than a Buzz Word, to truly create the context for Inclusion in our communities and as individuals that create this amazing collective of businesses, politicians, parents, citizens.

Why do parents of special needs children still have to question if they should take their child out?  Will they disrupt the community by going to the store, bank...?

We have wheelchair accessible bathrooms with change tables, do these change tables accommodate every person that requires a change table including adults?

Are there quiet, calming spaces in public places to support persons that are dealing with sensory overload or anxiety?

How do we actually become an Inclusive city? An inclusive business or organization?  An Inclusive citizen? What kinds of barriers do we need to remove to make community accessible to everyone?  

Let's start by removing our ignorance about Inclusion! 


Join us for an incredible evening of creating the context for inclusion!

Guest Speaker: Vik Maraj of Unstoppable Conversations

Vik coaches global leaders to unprecedented levels of influence and impact. His work has dramatically shifted results and the future for governments, corporations, boards, and NGOs. His clients have gone on to make a significant difference in their communities, institutions, and their societies.

His work has transformed the quality of thousands of children’s lives by altering the capacity of senior leaders in the United Nations’ UNESCO to end a decade’s long difference between their New York and Paris locations. Vik has enabled the elimination of food poverty in the high Arctic by empowering Inuit women to take a stand for their future. He has broken a deadlocked four billion dollar international impasse on capturing carbon and climate change by bringing executives, in some of the world’s largest energy companies, together with university academics and government bureaucrats in an almost unthinkable collaboration.

Within his broad skill-set, Vik has also taught the critical aspects of hostage negotiation to Canada’s national police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He has trained Ministers, National Ambassadors, and Multinational CEOs. His current clients include the global athletics clothing giant Lululemon and Leaders in the Nation of Slovakia. 

Most impressive of all, Vik can wiggle his little toes independent of his other toes and apologizes for self-aggrandizing biographies written in the third person that is clearly authored by the subject of said biography!

Door Prizes

- $100 GC Heaven Essence Day Spa

- Gift Basket from Diverse Boutique($84 Value)
- a 2-night stay at Copperstone Resort in a 1 Bedroom Queen Suite ($400 Value)

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Leo Nickerson Elementary School
10 Sycamore Ave, St. Albert, AB T8N 0K3

6 novembre 2018
mardi, 6 novembre 2018 6:30 Après-midi (HNA)






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Plugged In Community Centre Organization is a registered charity with the goal of creating a facility that will make affordable rental space available, on a cost-recovery basis, for individuals and organizations that offer supportive programming to promote meaningful inclusion.