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Our Mission

To mobilize volunteers and community partners in building affordable housing and promoting homeownership as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty.


Habitat for Humanity achieves its mission through its Home Ownership Program which helps individuals and families in financially vulnerable situations build and buy quality affordable homes.  Homes are provided with no down payment (families contribute a minimum of 500 hours instead), no-interest mortgages, payments set at 25% of gross income (including principal, property tax and insurances), and homeowner training and support services.

Why support Prince Albert Habitat for Humanity?

The need for affordable housing is at an all-time high

1 in 7 Canadian households, including 735,0001 children, do not have a safe, decent, affordable place to call home. Many Canadian families live month to month, and are often forced to decide between paying for food or paying their rent — a choice that no family should have to make.

Our work gets results

For over 20 years, Prince Albert Habitat for Humanity has been striving not only to provide safe affordable housing to families in need, but also to invest in Prince Albert, building pride into our communities.

 We know that when families own their homes, they have ownership over their futures. We also know that communities thrive when families have access to affordable homeownership.

Research shows that in Canada, every $1 invested in Habitat yields about $4 of societal benefits. For every family who partners with Habitat, this equates to $175,0002 worth of social benefits through happier and healthier families, improved employment and education opportunities, and a decreased burden on social programming.

Homeownership allows families to move out of social housing, reliance on food banks decreases, and children of Habitat homeowners have lower high school dropout rates with many of them earning a bachelor’s degree or higher.

 It’s clear that when families own their own home - and gain strength, stability and self-reliance -they can focus on their health, education and quality of life.

We need your support

Results like this don’t happen on their own. It takes commitment of sponsors, donors, community partners and volunteers alike to make Habitat’s work possible. To help bring independence to our families in need of a safe and decent place to live, Prince Albert Habitat needs your support.

 Our homes cost an average of $150,000 to build and currently we are committed to serving a minimum of 2 families per year.  We have 5 houses currently in the process being built and 6 families waiting to receive homes. 

Your gift keeps on giving! 

Once our families are in their new home, they commit to paying a 0% interest mortgage.  The funds that are received from their monthly mortgage payment go into a “Fund for Humanity” account.  These funds are dedicated entirely to building future homes. 

To date Prince Albert Habitat has built 21 homes which are giving us the ability to build 1 house per year from the mortgage payments alone. 

Your gift returns to Habitat again and again through the mortgage payments of our homeowners.  All administration costs are covered by sales proceeds from our ReStore.

Support us today.  Invest in the future of your community!



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