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A new building to reduce stress for animals and provide a public education space

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After many years, it is time for us to move to the next phase of Companion Animal Welfare at the PEI Humane Society. It is no longer enough to provide a roof, some food and water. We know that reducing stress, providing a positive environment and enrichment all help to improve the outcomes for them.

It is time to improve our facilities and do the best we can for the animals in our care. 

As our knowledge of Shelter care for companion animals develops, PEI Humane Society Shelter Staff are seeing the need to address some critical issues in our facilities. While animal numbers remain manageable, it is clear that there are issues to address in many areas.

Recognizing that costs can be prohibitive, and that we must always respect donor dollars, we are looking at addressing the current challenges with creativity and a ‘do it once - do it right approach’. Our intent is to create the best space possible for the animals in our care while ensuring an efficient and safe work environment that is respectful of our impact on the planet and resources.

Treatment room — by expanding our treatment facilities, we will be able to reduce treatment costs significantly, possibly support partner organizations with spay and neuter needs and provide a teaching space to enhance our partnership with the Atlantic Veterinary College.

Of the many challenges ahead, the priorities are for responding to animal care needs and ensuring the sustainability of the organization

Kennel Repair and renovation— to provide a healthier space for the animals

Destressing the environment for the animals, with noise reduction, better materials and design

- sound proofing for all ‘4 and 2 legged’s

Improving traffic flow – cats and dogs should not be crossing paths for any purpose

Energy efficiency - heating cooling and water that is effective

Employee and volunteer safety— managing public space and providing meeting and interview space for animal protection and client service

Public Education and Meeting Space - a space to host public education seminars and workshops on humane topics and responsible pet ownership

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