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We Are Radflix.And We Are Radical Thinkers.

Pediatric radiation treatments through the eyes of children, the hearts of parents, and the science and technology of leading-edge innovations.

It is our mission to make RadFlix available in more clinics and hospitals so more kids can have a radically different experience during radiation.

Hearing the “C” word is just the beginning of a long and difficult journey for the patient and their family.

  • During radiation treatments, kids are incredibly vulnerable. They are alone, kept apart from their parents and others, and surrounded by big, loud machines in dark and dreary rooms. Separation anxiety looms large and kids (and parents) dread treatment days.
  • RadFlix aims to give radiation treatments a radical overhaul by creating an emotionally safer experience for patients and their families!

RadFlix is a unique, game-changing system that allows patients to watch their favorite movies during radiation.

This revolutionary new approach to pediatric radiation treatments means:

  • Video-based distraction therapy that can reduce anxiety for all ages helping bringing back some of the joys of childhood
  • Younger patients who wouldn’t previously tolerate therapy without anesthesia, are willing to do this type of treatment while awake
  • Patients say time goes by faster and they have less fear during radiation
  • Kids feel like they have some control during treatment

Radically Quick Facts

  • RadFlix has been rigorously tested at University of Colorado to make it robust, reliable, and functional
  • Radiation therapists can set up the procedure in one minute and take it down in 20 seconds.
  • In 2022, RadFlix established a partnership with the highly trusted and impactful Morgan Adams Foundation for funding and fundraising.
  • Today, RadFlix is offered to every pediatric patient at UCHealth and we have treated over 150 children with phenomenal feedback from patients and families.




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