• vendredi, 26 mai 2017 de 11:00 Matin à 12:00 Après-midi (HAR)
  • Downtown Red Deer , Red Deer, AB

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In 1916, Prohibition became law in Alberta.  The taps were turned off and bottles poured out on a Friday night and the era of the Alberta RUMRUNNERS began.  Thought to have originated in the United States, RUMRUNNERS were known for smuggling rum from the Carribean to the speakeasies in Florida and the southern States during Prohibition.  Carribean Rum was a low profit spirit and inevitably the RUMRUNNERS began to include English Gin, Canadian Whiskey and French Champagne on their quest to imbibe the thirsty.  

On a Friday night 101 years later, we're turning the taps on, opening the bottles up and challenging you to find your inner RUMRUNNER!  Scavenge downtown Red Deer with your team or on your own in a quest to beat the rest in becoming a RUMRUNNER.  Great prizes and even greater fun! 

Registration includes: event warm up, full list of missions, sociables, entry into a prize draw, official after party admission and all kinds of compromising fun.

The top 3 teams, as determined by the judges, will be rewarded.  Completing the hunt gets you free entry into the official RUMRUNNER after party where you'll get to brag endlessly about your heroic feats while making bids to win more great prizes.

The RUMRUNNER sold out last year - register your team today!


On June 2, 2017, join us for a rum laced, prank riddled, racy good time in vibrant downtown Red Deer.  Get ready for an unforgettable night of laughter, challenge, games, teamwork and appreciation for the art, culture and business readily available in downtown Red Deer.

The object of the RUMRUNNER is to complete as many of the missions as you can within the designated time period.  Participants can go it alone or form teams of 4-6 people.  There must be at least 1 digital camera or phone per team - pictures will be used as proof of mission completion - remember to have full batteries and plenty of memory available.

You must be 18 or older to participate in the RUMRUNNER. As a team, you are expected to show up as such with a team theme e.g. colours or costumes.  Extra points will be awarded to the best dressed team/people.  All teams must stay together at all times, you may not split up to divide and conquer the missions!  All missions must be completed by the team.  The use of a motor vehicle by participants is absolutely prohibited while completing the RUMRUNNER.

Registrations must be received prior to being able to participate and disclosures, including emergency contact information, must be signed prior to commencing the RUMRUNNER.  Registration is non-refundable - this event is not for wussies and therefore will run no matter what the weather decides to do. A full list of missions will be provided to team leaders (or each individual participant) simultaneously, there will be no early distributing.

If you fight the law and the law wins, your bad.  We're planning a fun event and encourage every participant to complete their missions legally.  If you break any laws at any time during any portion of the RUMRUNNER you and your team will be disqualified.  This includes but is not limited to: moving violations, trespassing, burglary, larceny, embezzlement, grand theft, petty theft, shoplifting, assault, plagiarism, blackmail, indecent exposure, decent exposure, bribery, forgery, perjury, fraud of any kind, having a concealed weapon of any type, use of a weapon of any type, sale of a weapon of any type, brandishing of a weapon of any type and bad hair.  Seriously, if you get so much as a parking ticket, you lose.

On the brighter side, we completely encourage sabotaging competing teams within the confines of what is legal.  We want each participant to be as creative and imaginative as possible in their pursuit of glory.  The point is to have fun and try to win!

The top three teams, as determined by the judges, will be rewarded.  A random draw for prizes, based on registrations will be conducted at the end of the hunt.  Opportunities to bid on more great prizes will be given at the official RUMRUNNER after party. 

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Downtown Red Deer
Red Deer, AB

26 mai 2017
vendredi, 26 mai 2017 11:00 Matin (HAR)


Want to be a game warden?  We need feet and hearbeats to make this event a success.  If you're interested in donating your time and talent please contact us!


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