Dénomination enregistrée: REGISTERED NURSES FOUNDATION OF B.C.

Numéro d'entreprise: 119114544RR0001

Why we exist? 

British Columbians require and deserve access to high quality health care services. The care and leadership provided by BC nurses is a pivotal and essential component of the B.C. health care system.

The Registered Nurses Foundation of BC helps address some of the financial costs associated with nursing education through the provision of bursaries. In doing so, we help alleviate some of the pressures on nurses and the health care system.

Key Points

  • In 2016, we awarded 138 bursaries for the total amount of close to $137,700
  • Since 2005, we have given out over 1,000 bursaries amounting to over $1,165,000 in funds
  • There is $5 Million in RNFBC’s Endowment Fund
  • We have 38 Named Bursaries and counting

The demand for nurses is rising. Currently, on any given day in B.C. there are at least 1,000 nursing vacancies. These shortages mean the needed care that requires nursing support - such as surgical procedures, homecare, and mental health care services - get delayed or postponed.

With the aging of both the population and of nurses themselves, more new nurses will be needed to fill this gap as a person’s health care needs generally increase with age and as nurses reach retirement age.

The need to help educate new nurses and provide a higher level of education for current nurses has arguably never been greater.

About the RNFBC

To date, the RNFBC Board members and “friends” of the Foundation have successfully built a $5 Million endowment fund. The interest from the 36 named bursaries that make up the endowment allows the Foundation offer more than 100 bursaries each year to help support BC nurses in their nursing education.

Established as a charitable organization by the Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia (Now the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia) in 1979, the RNFBC mandate is to support BC nurses pursuing basic and advanced education. It does so by raising funds to allow the distribution of bursaries to qualified students.

We are committed to the advancement of nursing practice and nursing education through the provision of bursaries for students enrolled in nursing programs: from basic programs to specialty and graduate education programs.

There are 17 Nursing Programs in BC and all have wait lists. Unfortunately, their ability to increase enrollment is compromised by underfunding and a growing shortage of nurse educators.

We support both entry - level (undergrad) education and advance degrees – masters and PhD level programs focused on preparing practicing nurses for advance practice (e.g. nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists); educators; and researchers.

Moving forward, the RNFBC would like make more bursaries available to nursing students and will require continued support from donors in the community.

Just as nurses have a profound impact on people’s lives; the RNFBC strives to make an impact on the lives of nurses by helping them achieve their educational goals. We do the work we do, through the support of our many donors.

If you, a family member or loved one was in the care of a nurse and did not have a chance to thank them, please consider showing your appreciation by supporting the RNFBC.

In supporting or creating a bursary, you will have made a positive difference to someone's professional career and will in fact be helping the people in the BC live healthier and better lives.

The RNFBC is a registered charity and our Charitable Registration Number is 11911 4544 RR000.


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