Dénomination enregistrée: ROCK SOLID REFUGE INC.

Numéro d'entreprise: 816897946RR0001


Bringing God’s transforming love to adolescents struggling with life-controlling issues, that they may know freedom, restoration, and hope.


Working to become the premier biblical-based program, Canada-wide, ministering to male and female adolescents.

Core Values

C – Christ and His Word. RSR is committed to the Bible being the final authority of belief and practical living and the only reliable source through which to know God. We also believe that God is the one who gives the power for us to do what is right and good in this world.H – Healthy Relationships. RSR is committed to building relationships with integrity. Relationships between staff, students, families of students, and supporters are foundational to the work that we do. Most of the good that God brings about will be through relationships.A – Adolescents. RSR believes that it is essential to invest in the lives of the youth in our culture. This investment, even at great cost, is invaluable due to the infinite worth of every person.N – New Life. RSR believes that real and lasting transformation is possible and that no life should be viewed as unredeemable. God can bring new life to people who are broken and destroyed, and they can, in turn, bring life and help to those around them.G – Growth. This new life is realized by a lifetime of growing into healthy ways of thinking, believing, and living.E – Excellence. RSR is committed to doing what we do with excellence. This means that we will never stop learning and developing as individuals and as an organization.

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