Saskatoon Mothers' Centre

Dénomination enregistrée: Saskatoon Mothers' Centre Inc.

Numéro d'entreprise: 750912495RR0001

Here at the Saskatoon Mothers' Centre, we aim to create a culturally safe, community living room for women & children.

We are located at Station 20 West (2nd floor) in the core neighborhood of Saskatoon.

We are an Indigenous friendly space that welcomes all women including newcomers to drop in for a visit.  The center is open week days between 1 and 4 pm for food, conversation, peer support, cooking and sewing. 

Our Monday afternoon talking circles connect mothers with peers, Elders and maternity care providers. Hosts are trained as breastfeeding supporters, prenatal educators and birth doulas.   We also have regular talking circles with hospital staff to share birthing stories as a way to improve maternity care services for others.

With your generous support we will continue to fund our core funding needs (e.g. rent, food, child-minding & host wages, & materials for sewing & crafts). 

We also have BIG dreams to expand our hours & services by continue to offer training & mentoring  programs.

tanisi! Megwetch! Thank you!

The Saskatoon Mothers' Centre

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